24. November 2020

“Accelerating Small Business Participation in the Transition to a Carbon Neutral Economy”

SMEs have a crucial role to play to achieve green transition goals.  Energy efficiency is only one of a range of measures that companies need to adopt. Often, it is not the best place for a small company to start its journey to carbon neutrality. For the vast majority of small companies, a business logic for adoption based on cost savings alone, will not provide sufficient motivation to change. Energy auditing is an important part of the adoption process.

These and related ideas were well received by a variety of project leaders who work on energy efficiency projects who insisted on the need to change the narrative around energy audits and re-invent the business of auditing.

The good news is that there are promising ways to move forward, and with the right steps it should be possible to move onto a whole new level of performance in terms of the support that SMEs need  to help them make the transition.

The Webconference

The purpose of this conference is to review the arguments that motivate the need to move beyond business-as-usual and outline a strategy that will enable SME adoption on a massive scale of the behaviors needed for a successful energy transition.


24.11.2020, 09.00-13.00 Uhr




Project Coordinator innoveas:
Luisa Sileni
I.I.P.L.E. – Istituto Professionale Edile
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I-40127 Bologna
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E-Mail: luisasileni@edili.com

Media Relations innoveas:
Sabine Alexandre-Klein
European Science Communication Institute
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D-26123 Oldenburg
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E-Mail: sak@esci.eu

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